patriarchal poetry
dance for daisies - eine revue für gertrude

elisabeth schimana / ludwig zeininger

elisabeth schimana aka elise: voice, electronics
ludwig zeininger aka lu: programming, electronics
kit blake: voice
mathias schimana: drums
herta werner: sound engineer
sylvia rosenecker: studio assistant

...what you hear is most of what there is
excerpts from gertrude stein's poem patriarchal poetry from 1927 form the piece's time structures, which, from the overall proportions down to the very basic rhythm patterns, are modelled after the continuously shifting and permutating linguistic repetitions [endlessly same and endlessly different] of stein's unique diction.
a software-synthesizer was driven by data gained through frequency- and amplitude-analysis of these passages read aloud, only small portions of which are audible in the final mix, thus forming what could be perceived of as the revue's formal backdrop, its imaginary rhythm track.
And from time to time patriarchal poetry becomes audible.

mp3 download [the whole piece, 39.804K]

mp3 download [parts]
intro & let him
no gain
cows and fishes & patriarchal means
let it be
to be
wish it & wish
spoon & once while
reform & she came
 - 01:31 [  1.432K]
 - 04:23 [  4.116K]
 - 01:01 [     972K]
 - 03:23 [  3.180K]
 - 02:15 [  2.128K]
 - 05:19 [  5.004K]
 - 01:50 [  1.736K]
 - 03:12 [  3.008K]
 - 01:14 [  1.176K]
 - 02:31 [  2.376K]
 - 01:42 [  1.612K]
 - 02:14 [  2.116K]
 - 00:13 [     220K]

here are the pd patches that were used to generate the basic tracks of the piece. they are sort of a voice to rhythm converter and make extensive use of miller puckette's bonk~ object ["percussion detector"] for attack detection in the voice tracks.

patpoet.pd - main patch
Loader2.pd - soundfile loader/player (abstraction)
Tec-synth4.pd - synthesizer (abstraction)

patpoet.tgz - download all

credits & links
producer: kunstradio [program page]
patriarchal poetry by gertrude stein used with kind permission of yale university press [the yale gertrude stein]
images & animations: cym
markus hammer at kunstradio: help with realmedia crap

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